Pigsty: Postgres in Graphic STYle

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Best PostgreSQL monitoring system ever !

Pigsty is a monitoring system that is specially designed for large scale PostgreSQL clusters.

Along with a production-grade HA PostgreSQL cluster provisioning solution.

Monitoring System

Pigsty delivers the best PostgreSQL monitoring system!

Provision Solution

Provision postgres clusters with one click!

HA Deployment

High available, self-healing with patroni and haproxy!

Service Discovery

Minimal human intervene required!

Offline Installation

Fast and secure installation without internet access required.

Infrastructure As Code

Everything is configurable and customizable!

Latest Features

Start with PostgreSQL 13 and Patroni 2. Enjoying latest feature without burden

Open Source

Free and open source. New users and contributors are always welcome!

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Business Support

Advanced business support available !

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Have pigsty running on your laptop!

(based on vagrant and virtualbox)

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Business Support

Extra Dashboards

Unlock enterprise version of pigsty with additional 20+ dashboards

Security Enhancement

CA, SSL, ACL, SE Linux, Fine-grained access control, keep your data safe

Backup & Recovery

Time travel with PITR, Hot/Warm/Cold backups, delayed replica.

Additional Features

Meta database, data dictionary, catalog explorer, log summary, etc…

Issue & Ticket

We’ll handle all your problems. Not 7x24, but at least within 24 hours

Be Spoke

Integration with existing system? Special requirement? Be spoke!