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Pigsty (/ˈpɪɡˌstaɪ/) is the abbreviation of “PostgreSQL In Graphic STYle”

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Pigsty is a monitoring system that is specially designed for large scale PostgreSQL clusters. Along with a production-grade HA PostgreSQL cluster provisioning solution. It brings the best observability for PostgreSQL and .

Pigsty bring users the ultimate observability and smooth experience with postgres. It is an open source software based on Apache License 2.0. Aiming to lower the threshold of enjoying PostgreSQL.

Pigsty has been evolved over time and has been tested in real production environments by some companies. The latest version of Pigsty is v0.8. It is available for production usage now.

Pigsty also has professional support.


The problems Pigsty solves, the techniques Pigsty used, and the scenarios to which it applies.

Quick start with pigsty local sandbox with vagrant and virtualbox


Some critical information about pigsty


Learn about the Monitor GUI provided by Pigsty


How to deploy pigsty to your production environment?


Configuration reference of pigsty


database access, HA drills, some of the tasks that can be explored in Pigsty


Need professional support ?


Low level reference about pigsty

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