How to deploy pigsty to your production environment?

Whether it is a sandbox environment or a real production environment, Pigsty uses the same three-step deployment process: prepare resources, modify configuration, execute script

Pigsty requires some preparation before deployment: configure the node with the correct permissions configuration, download and install the relevant software. After configuration, users should [modify the configuration](… /config/) according to their needs. /config/). and execute the script to adjust the system to the state described in the configuration.

If users wish to use Pigsty to monitor an existing database cluster or wish to deploy only the Pigsty monitoring system part, please refer to monitoring deployment only .


  • [node provisioning](prepare/#node provisioning)
  • [meta-node provisioning](prepare/#meta-node provisioning)
  • [software provisioning](prepare/#software provisioning)

modify configuration

  • [identity information](config/#identity information)
  • [Customize database cluster](config/#Customize database cluster)
  • [Custom Business Users](config/#Custom Business Users)
  • [Custom Business Database](config/#Custom Business Database)

Execution script

  • [infrastructure initialization](playbook/#infrastructure initialization)
  • [Database Cluster Initialization](playbook/#Database Cluster Initialization)
  • [Database Cluster Scaling](playbook/#Database Cluster Scaling)
  • [Managing business users and databases](playbook/#Managing business users and databases)
  • [Managed Services](playbook/#Managed Services)
  • [**Monitor-Only Deployment **](playbook/#Monitoring Deployment Only)


How to prepare resource for pigsty deployment?


How to configure pigsty according to your needs


Built-in playbooks to perform various tasks


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Monly Deployment

How to deploy pigsty monitor system only, and intergrated with existing postgres instances

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