Cluster level dashboards

Cluster Level Monitoring

Cluster level montoring could be the most commonly used Dashboards because cluster is the basic business unit. so the most complete and comprehensive information is aggregated at the cluster level.

Most monitoring charts are generalizations and up-rolls of instance-level monitoring, i.e., they change from showing details within a single instance to showing information about each instance within the cluster and metrics aggregated at the cluster and service levels.

Cluster Overview

Cluster overview at Cluster level has a few more things compared to instance level.

  • Timeline and leadership, when a Failover or Switchover occurs in the database, the timeline is stepped and the leadership changes.
  • Cluster Topology, the cluster topology shows the replication topology in the cluster and the replication method used (synchronous/asynchronous).
  • Cluster Load, which includes the load of the entire cluster in real time, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes. and Load1 of each node in the cluster
  • Cluster alarms and events.

PG Cluster

PG Cluster面板简介

PG Cluster Replication

PG Cluster Replication 关注单个集群内的复制活动。

PG Cluster Activity

PG Cluster Activity 关注特定集群的活动状态,包括事务,查询,锁,等等。

PG Cluster Session

PG Cluster Session 关注特定集群中连接、连接池的工作状态。

PG Cluster Node

PG Cluster Node关注整个集群的机器资源使用情况

PG Cluster Persist

PG Cluster Persist 关注集群的持久化,检查点与IO状态。

PG Cluster Database

PG Cluster Database 关注特定集群中与数据库有关的指标:TPS,增删改查,年龄等。

PG Cluster Stat

PG Cluster Stat 用于展示集群在过去一段统计周期内的用量信息

PG Cluster Table

PG Cluster Table 关注单个集群中所有表的增删改查情况

PG Cluster Table Detail

PG Cluster Table Detail关注单个集群中某张特定表的增删改查情况

PG Cluster Query

PG Cluster Query 关注特定集群内所有的查询状况

PG Cluster Health

PG Cluster Health基于规则对集群进行健康度评分

PG Cluster Log

PG Cluster Log面板简介

PG Cluster All

PG Cluster All 包含了集群中所有的监控信息,用于细节对比与分析。

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