Learn about the Monitor GUI provided by Pigsty

Pigsty provides a professional and easy-to-use PostgreSQL monitoring system that distills the industry’s monitoring best practices. You can easily modify and customize it; reuse the monitoring infrastructure or integrate it with other monitoring systems. The following table provides quick navigation links to each monitoring panel’s introduction page.

Overview Cluster Service Instance Database
Home PG Cluster PG Service PG Instance PG Database
PG Overview PG Cluster Replication PG DNS Node PG Query
PG Shard PG Cluster Activity PG Pgbouncer PG Catalog
PG Alert PG Cluster Session PG Proxy PG Table
PG KPI PG Cluster Node PG Exporter PG Table Detail
PG Capacity PG Cluster Persist PG Setting
PG Change PG Cluster Database PG Stat Activity
PG Monitor PG Cluster Stats PG Stat Statements
PG Cluster Table
PG Cluster Table Detail
PG Cluster Query
PG Cluster Health
PG Cluster Log
PG Cluster All

Note: The bolded panels are the monitoring panels provided by Pigsty by default, while the others are additional features provided by the Enterprise Edition.

The default monitoring is sufficient to cover most scenarios, if you need more in-depth control and insight, please contact Business Support


Jump to specific dashboard with one click


Introduction to overview dashboards


Cluster level dashboards


Service level dashboards


Instance level monitoring dashboards


Database level monitoring dashboards

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