Built-in playbooks to perform various tasks

Pigsty uses a declarative interface, [configuration](. /config/) is done, just run the fixed Playbook and you’re done deploying

Basic Deployment

Sandbox Deployment

Monitor-only deployments

Day-to-day management

Pigsty also provides a number of pre-built scripts for daily operations and maintenance management.

Infra Provision

How to pull up infrasturcture on meta node

Pgsql Provision

How to define and create postgres clusters?

Sandbox Provision

How to perform one-pass bootstrap for sandbox?

Remove Clusters

How to destroy postgres clusters and instances

Monitor Only

How to deploy pigsty monitoring system without provisioning solution?

Create User

How to create new users on existing clusters?

Create Database

How to create new database on running clusters?

Service Provision

Create or update service on cluster

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