How to prepare resource for pigsty deployment?

Node provisioning

Before deploying Pigsty, users need to prepare machine node resources, including at least one meta node, with any number of database nodes.

[database nodes](… /… /concept/arch/#database nodes) can use any SSH reachable nodes: physical machines, virtual machines, containers, etc., but currently Pigsty only supports CentOS 7 operating system.

Pigsty recommends using physical and virtual machines for deployment. When using a local sandbox environment, Pigsty is based on Vagrant and Virtualbox to quickly pull up local VM resources, please refer to Vagrant tutorial for more details.

Metanode provisioning

Pigsty requires [meta-node](. /… /concept/arch/# meta-node) as the control center for the entire environment and to provide [infrastructure](. /… /concept/arch/#infrastructure) services. The number of meta-nodes requires a minimum of 1, recommends 3, and suggests no more than 5. If deploying DCS to a meta-node, it is recommended that 3 meta-nodes be used in a production environment to fully ensure the availability of DCS services.

Users should ensure that they can login to the metanode and can [passwordless SSH login](users/#configure SSH passwordless access) other nodes from the metanode and [passwordless](users#configure passwordless SUDO) execute the sudo command.

Users should ensure that they have direct or indirect access to port 80 of the meta node to access the user interface provided by Pigsty.

Software Placement

The user should [download this project](software/# download pigsty source code) and [offline package](software/# download offline package) on the metanode (optional).

When pulling up Pigsty using the local sandbox, the user will also need to additionally install on the host.


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Admin User

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Prepare Software

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Offline Installation

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