Prepare Software

How to prepare software resource for pigsty deployment

Users need to download the Pigsty project to the meta-node (in a sandbox environment, you can also use the host to initiate control)

Download Pigsty source code

Users can clone the project directly from Github using git, or download the latest version of the Pigsty source package from the Github Release page at.

git clone
git clone

You can also download the latest version of Pigsty from the Pigsty CDN: pigsty.tar.gz

Download the offline installer

Pigsty comes with a sandbox environment, and the offline installer for the sandbox environment is placed in the files directory by default, which can be downloaded from [Github Release](https://github. com/Vonng/pigsty/releases) page.

cd <pigsty>/files/

Pigsty’s official CDN also provides the latest version of pkg.tgz for download, just execute the following command.

make downlaod
curl -o files/pkg.tgz

For details on how to use the offline installation package, please refer to the [offline installation](. /offline/) section.

Monitor-only mode resources

If you want to use a monitoring-only deployment, it is usually recommended to deploy the monitoring agent using a copy of the monitoring component binary, so you need to download and place the Linux Binary in the files directory beforehand.

   ^---- pg_exporter (linux amd64 binary)
   ^---- node_exporter (linux amd64 binary)

The self-contained script files/ will automatically download the latest versions of node_exporter and pg_exporter from the Internet.

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